SIA (LLC) "SNAILLAT" name consists of two words: SNAIL and LAT - Latvia.

 SNAILLAT is a new company that offers unique products from snails - created and produced in LATVIA.

We are grateful to the Christian monks who brought this wonderful breed of snails to Latvia in 15th and 16th centuries from Southern and Central Europe. At first the snails were grown in gardens of monasteries, used as a curative treatment and during Lent - a meat substitute.

Snails do not drink wine, but the wine tastes great for people who eat snails.
Latvian name "vīngliemezis" most likely came from the German word "Weinbergschnecken" literally - the vineyard snails. Taken over in Latvian, it was shortened to 'winesnail'.

Translation of word Snail:

Latvian: īstais vīngliemezis (parka vīngliemezis);

English: Burgundy snail, Roman snail, edible snail;

German: Weinbergschnecke;

Swedish: vinbergssnäcka;

Estonian: harilik viinamäetigu;

Lithuanian: vynuoginė sraigė;

Russian: улитка виноградная.


Did you know?

  • Snail consumption each year exceeds 100 thousand tons, while the demand for them is still increasing;
  • Leaders in consumption of these delicacies clearly are - France, Italy, Spain and Greece;
  • Snail diet is very effective, because snail meat is three times more protein richer than chicken eggs, and it does not contain fat and cholesterol;
  • Amino acids constitute 30% of the composition of snail meat, which makes it a powerful aphrodisiac.